Events, their rules, how to play them!

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Events, their rules, how to play them!

Post  monarch on Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:54 am

Last Man Standing (LMS)
Map: Any big map. Dark does on office I do in Tombs.
Teams: GMs+helpers(if any) vs everyone
Objective: Be the last man standing lol. GMs will use super pro haxed weps to kill you so be careful. Running is ok but you will probably still die.

Mexican Man Hunt (MMH)
Map: Prison II 99% of the time.
Teams: GMs+helpers(if any) vs everyone
Objective: Be the last one alive. GMs will be using normal weapons so running is very

Capture the Flag (CTF)
Map: Only been done on Port, Station, and Ruins.
Teams: Even teams, 1 GM to server as flag per team.
Objective: You must slash the GM to take possesion and then lead them back the the portal in your own base, to stop the flag from moving you must kill all enemies around them.

Zombies/Blood Harvest
Map: Any, island is best.
Teams: 1 GM vs All
Objective: You must be the last person alive, when you/your teammates die you switch teams, so be careful they may know your spot.

3rd Floor Rumble
Map: Mansion, 3rd floor.
Teams: Even teams
Objective: You must kill the other team while stay on your team's side on the 3rd floor of mansion, if you shoot early or fall of/go across to other side you get killed by the GM.

SF Event
Map: Any
Teams: Even
Objective: You must eliminate the other team, catch is you can't jump high, rs, kstyle, dash, dive, or wall run.

Dodge the nade
Map: Shower room
Teams: GMs vs All
Objective: Die the least or be last one alive, GMs will be spamming staff nades.

Map: Cybersports
Teams: GMs with staff rockets vs everyone else
Objective: Be the last person alive, dodging the rockets in Running part of Cybersports.

Dash of Death / Wall 2 Wall
Map: Hall
Teams: GM+Helpers vs all
Objective: You must dash across to the other side without getting sniped by the enemy, you can't go behind the pillars, wall cancel off pillars, e lunge across, or attack the enemy. Blocking is allowed. Last one alive wins point.

GM Soccer
Map: CyberSports
Teams: Even Teams
Objective: Your team must use training daggers to push the GM into the soccer goal.

Thanks and +Repz, add anymore events you know and that I forgot.

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Re: Events, their rules, how to play them!

Post  monkeywepsx on Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:09 pm

no point in posting this here.




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