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Post  blackhawk on Sun May 24, 2009 7:08 pm

Full Name: Zach Nichol

Age: 14


Time Zone: Central

Location: Illinois

Account Name: Blackhawk

Character Name: Blackhawk

Applying for: GM

Previous Expirence: I have had admin on a Gunz private server before name Epic gunz i think it was

If so Proof:

Why are you applying for this job:

Can you make maps,items,Ect.: I have never tried to make a map wep or item or anything but the wep or map im sure i can figure out because i have made maps for another game called UT2004 and theirs a pic of 1 of them.

If so Proof: There is a pic of 1 of the maps Smile

Joined Gunz: I joined gunz 3-4 yrs ago and then i quit for 2-3 months and just started up again like like a month ago

Joined Private Servers: I am in this private server and 2 more i belive but i dont play on the others atm

What can you do for the server: I can prevent hackers, i can help make sure the rules are followed, and Help make game play Better for every1

Why should you be hired: I think i should be hired because i can help make the game better by preventing all the hackers and rule breakers

Language Spoken: English
Blackhawk App for GM Proof

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