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Steelpan's GM Apply Empty Steelpan''s GM Apply

Post  Steelpan on Sat May 23, 2009 5:06 am

Full Name:Joey


Time Zone:


Account Name:Steelpan

Character Name:Steelpan

Applying for:GameMaster

Previous Expirence:MocroGunz

If so Proof:-

Why are you applying for this job:Because i can help the server a lot and getting friends/family to this server:D

Can you make maps,items,Ect.:-

If so Proof:-

Joined Gunz:2years ago

Joined Private Servers:MocroGunZ , HonourGunZ, 360GunZ ,

What can you do for the server:Inviting people and making banners/GFX work.

Why should you be hired:Because , im friendly and i can get a lot of people to this server

Language Spoken:English/Dutch


I have played IJJI GunZ for more than 2 years, i have a lot expierence with GunZ.
I'm to help with the server, contribute to the server and to improve the server to make it one of the best private servers.

I will also held event event when neccessary. i won't simply held event by player request, it kinda abusing as a GM. I will take action to all player when they make an offence included my friend or anyone.
And for the rest I have a little of expierence with C++ / VB / HTML.
I am 100% Expierenced with Photoshop!Very Happy

I'm Mature
I have a great personality
I have 0 tolerance for hackers </3
I know all the staff commands
I can help make the community a better hacker free and problem less place more people
I can help people solve problems
Keep the peace
You can trust me
I have a great sense of humor
I know when to be serious and when to play
I am extremely active
I wont abuse gm weps nor commands
I have experience in hosting events and i can keep the players busy and happy

This was my GM Apply . cheers


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Steelpan's GM Apply Empty Re: Steelpan's GM Apply

Post  monkeywepsx on Sat May 23, 2009 9:52 am

You seem promising, but we are not accepting GMs until we get more members to join the server.


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