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Post  dy14nm4rt1n on Fri May 22, 2009 11:19 pm

Full Name:Micheal J Martin

Age:13 (my brother MSN i go on it though)

Time Zone:Atlantic

Location:Canada Nova Scotia

Account Name:dy14nm4rt1n

Character Name:Sepiroth

Applying for:Co-owner or anyother spots

Previous Expirence:I have none

If so Proof:

Why are you applying for this job:Because when this server gets more people i will be on if any hacking is going on. Plus i am on almost 24/7

Can you make maps,items,Ect.:Yes, I think i could

If so Proof:I have none

Joined Gunz:3 years ago

Joined Private Servers:2/5 years ago

What can you do for the server:Make new gunz outfits and many more

Why should you be hired:Because if you ever need anything you know you can count on me and i should be there in less then a 1 minute

Language Spoken:English



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