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Post  Rage=] on Fri May 22, 2009 7:08 am

Full Name: nicolas

Age: 14


Time Zone: EST

Location: New York.

Account Name: Rage
Character Name: rage

Applying for: C0-owner

Previous Experience:yes i used play all kinda of private server and i was either co-owner or owner

If so Proof: search nnescape on youtube =]

Why are you applying for this job:the reason why i am apply is that, i am great leader and respect all staff and i am dedicated and very active and if i believe i think i am second highest in the gam,e was here since it start and i want 2 be part of this great comituty

Can you make maps,items,Etc.: no

If so Proof: no

Joined Gunz:4 year ago

Joined Private Servers: 3 year ago

What can you do for the server: alot and as i said i very dedicated ussally online when u not online and i can help people and check how everything going
Why should you be hired:
cud i feel u do not hire me is likeu never some 1 like me wit leadership and i feel it also be a waste if u do not hire me becuz i can very useful
Language Spoken: English,spanish

Other: idk, second highest in the game , very respectful and have a great leadership quaitly


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Post  monkeywepsx on Fri May 22, 2009 10:15 pm

It is good that your dedicated,respective, and active but it seems to me that you need more experience to get Co-owner, when i say experience i mean learning to map/model make.. um learn how to encrypt mrs.. stuff like that Razz forgive me if you know how to do these things it's just that it wasn't posted in your application.
Thanks for using the application format


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