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Post  Dyson on Thu May 21, 2009 9:22 am

Name: Kevin parker
Age: 15
Msn: Kevin-1995_5@hotmail.com
Time Zone 1+ GMT
Location: The Netherlands
Account Name: Will Be Dyson
Charachter Name: Will Be Dyson

Applying For: GM Cause i Have Allot Experience And Like To Help People In Game!
Expirence: Administator On SatansNetwork
It so proof: Sorry, Don't Have Picture Anymore!
Joined: 3Years Ago
Joined private servers: Sugargunz, Satansnetwork trinitygunz mocrogunz, LGunz ultimategunz.(2Year Ago)
Can i make items maps: Yes i can do that but im not applying for that cause to much work..

Why i'm applying for this job: i have allot experience in many gunz server i was admin like satansnetwork moviegunz ghettogunz my own server... and i just like to being gm to help people.

What can i do for the server: I Could Help If There Is Any Problem! Like a SQL HACKER IN GAME

Why Should You Be Hired: Cause i rocks and i can do great things..
Language: Dutch/English/Little Bit Spanish.

Other: As You See I Have Allot Experience ( I Hope You Seeing It Razz)
A Could Do Great Things I Will Love The Server Like it just Mine
24/7 Online Almost I Have School To.

Gm Commands:
/admin_ban <charname>
/admin_wall <text> ("Broadcasting Message")
/admin_halt ("Server Shutdown")
/admin_switch_laddergame 1
/admin_hide ("Makes you Invisible")
/hide ("Makes you Invisible?")
/jjang (Name)
/removejjang (Name)

GunZ Gm Commands It Could Be Change!

How Much Players i can bring:
All My Friends
And i could spam the vote
and make reclame
100/200 People i think! but take's time!!!

(Thank You For Reading My Application) Wish Me Goodluck Razz

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