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Mods or Gm apply Empty Mods or Gm apply

Post  nicolas22 on Tue May 19, 2009 3:01 pm


In red its for my Gm apply
in Green its for Help or mods(Moderator) apply
In Blackit's the question
Normal Its for both

Name:Nicolas Giguere(Boy)

Age:15 years old

Timezone: GMT - 4 Hours (Atlantic,Quebec,Toronto)


Account name:nicolas222

Character Name:Good

Applying For:Helper,mods or the both (Gm) when more player gonna come!

Previous Experience:Only 3 forums

Proof of any work: (UnderConstruction) (for french)

Why I applying for that:(Mods or helper)(Gm)
because firstly, I likes the private server of Gunz. Secondly I don' T like the waiter with full with hacker, spammer, glicher. I would like to be Gm (Game Master) because. Hacker=player which cannot play or which does not want lvl up like all the other. In fact I would like to be selected because I want to help the waiter.

I wanna be Mods or Help because i wanna help Guys:p
And make guest in Member its funny.

Can I make maps,item,etc:No,I can make forum only =s

Joined Gunz:In 2006
->I have lots of experiences in game =D

Joined Private Servers:
->My first private server was EuroGunz in 2007
After i join lot of private server like trinityGunz,FatalGunz,DarkGunz,And more...

What I Can Do For The Server:
->Ban hacker,spammer,impostor,the guys who don't follow the rules :}
->Help All peoples who need it
->Do event if you give me the permission

Why I should Be Hired:
->Because I love Gunz
->I'm a Good player
->I want to have a server without hacker,spammer,and the others
->I'm not ego
->I love help their other
->And I think that I would be a good adminstrator or GameMaster
Or help and mods
->And I want to be Gm xD
Or mods and helper

Languages Spoken:

Anything else:
Picture of me in Darkgunz <3

Thank you to read my application.
I hopes to be selected .
If I'm not selected this is not grave.
I would not be an ego.
I will continue has to help people who one need. Very Happy Very Happy Wink Wink
This was my funny apply rendeer


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