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Post  EvilTribe on Thu Aug 07, 2014 9:16 am

-Real Name : Rodel
-Ingame Name : Devil
-Age : 15
-Location / Timezone : GMT-5

-Activity time : Since it is spring break for me, which means I will be out of school for a week. I can be active for 7-12 Hours.

-Previous expierence? : Yes, I have been Head Staff on Angelic Gunz, Administrator on Chaos Gunz, Admin on Titanium Gunz, and Co-owner on Luminous Gunz.

Proof: Since I can't give links here, because it prevents me from doing so I will give you guys the download link for my pictures soon I guess, or to make it more convenient for you, I can pm you the link to the pictures or download link.

-Tell us something about yourself : Well my name is Jared. I am 15 years, I have also played gunz for 5 years coming on 6 years. I am kind, unique, generious, multi-tasker, and open minder. I feel very welcome to this server. I love all the people and I plan on staying here for a while. I don't usually reply to aggressive behavior there really is no point...but, If I would have to say my fatal flaw would be that I'm very competitive I would try to overcome my weaknesses and find strategy's to work my way around flaws.

What I think of myself? I find myself different in many ways. I think of myself as very unique. I have 2 computers so I can moderate the forums for player and staff reports. On the other computer I can moderate the game. I have a smart phone so when I got offline, I am most likely on the forums, talking and chatting with people. I check locked rooms to see why they are locked, mostly looking for hackers, and swappers. I use other accounts of mine so people don't resist hacking when a gm is in the room. Occasionally I will go into hide and check on everyone and see what they are doing. Giving players the choices helps most of the time. Such as, what event they want to do really makes things a little easier. Some people don't agree, but I like to give the players the options not just do what I feel like doing. I listen, Learn, and hope that in the end the players respect me back.

-What could you do for us : Well, even though I have just join the server I would like the help this server out. I will try to keep the server alive as much as I can. I would like to make a difference! Feel good that I can help a community out. I'm a respected and kind person, I can deal with annoying problems like hackers or advertisements. Iv'e seen so many ways a server can be ruined within in a giving time. I can't say that I can make this server free of hackers, advertisers, spammers, ect. But I can take as much possible action to insure that "most" Of them is taken care of. I want a chance, Just to show you how loyal and depending I can be.

-Contact info : SKype: Craygamer102, I can pm you my email, and msn address.

Extra: To help out the server as well, I will try to vote for you guys when top 200 list vote is out. I will make advertisements online to promote the server. I'll do the best that I can to use these powers against any threat to this server. I will use the best of my abilities from 5 years of gaming experience. To keep this server rid of hackers, advertisers, etc. I'm willing to dedicate my time to this server.


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