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Post  ♥Pillow♥ on Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:13 am

Full Name:♥️Johnny nguyen♥️



Time Zone:5hours a day


Account Name:♥️magicblood2♥️

Character Name:Pillow

Applying for:Gamemaster

Previous Expirence:I no how to proxy vote and ive been a GM in Vexo-Gunz.

If so Proof:♥️Can talk to littlebadboy964@hotmail.com hes owner for Vexo his name is stefan i was the first one to play his server so he made me GM♥️

Why are you applying for this job:I want to experience more thing about all servers

Can you make maps,items,Ect.:Nothing

If so Proof:Sorry

Joined Gunz:2years For ijji

Joined Private Servers: ♥️1year Ago♥️

What can you do for the server:♥️Proxy vote and help out members♥️

Why should you be hired:♥️Im a good person that is repectful to palyers and help out palyers when needed♥️


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