Valid's Gm/Admin Application!

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Valid's Gm/Admin Application! Empty Valid's Gm/Admin Application!

Post  Valid on Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:38 pm

Gm Application:
Name: Andy

Age: 15


Time Zone: EDT

Location: Utica, New York

Account Name:(will be ) andy

Character Name: (will be) Valid

Applying for: Game Master / administrator.


Gunz i played : played Euro,Dark, Trinity, Ijji Legend, Lengendary, Sky , Night, Mocro,Ignition , eternal , and now yours.

If so Proof:YouTube - EuroGunZ Event 2Sick4U Spring 2009

Why are you applying for this job: I LOVE GUNZ!, and i want to help the server ;D

Joined Gunz: in 2005

Why should you be hired: i should be hired bcus im i am very active(usually on 5Hours+) and helpful

Language Spoken: English + A Little French and i speak English very Good

I will also do anything else i can for this server ;DD

/admin_halt: Stops the server
/jjang: <name> Give the character an Event Winner sign
/ban: <name> Bans the player
/admin_ban: <name> Disconnects the player from the server
/admin_wall: Makes a server announcement.
/removejjang: <name> Takes the jjang away from the character.
/changemaster: Changes the master for the game. (Only works in gameroom and in game)
/changepassword: (pass) Changes the password of the game. (Only works in gameroom)
/admin_hide: Hides from all players. Allows for "watching" functionality (similar to being on a players team but being dead)

Can you make maps,items,Ect.: I can gfx : ( Ignore the ddddd one couldn't find the gif file sorry ;X )

( I took some of the stuff out that i don't know how to do etc.. )


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