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Post  monarch on Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:46 am

Full Name: Cuong Dinh

Age: 14


Time Zone:GTM+2

Location: Finland, Vantaa

Account Name: Going to be cuong104

Character Name: Going to be Monarch

Applying for: Gamemaster

Previous Expirence: I was Gm in mangagunz, Moderator in Dark legacy gamers, Adminstrator in xuanzone forum

If so Proof:

Why are you applying for this job:Becouse, i want to help with the server. And i think im qualified enough to become as Gm. If not to work and make server stuff, But to help people and keep eye on for the possible hackers.

Can you make maps,items,Ect.:N/A

If so Proof:N/A

Joined Gunz: I played lots gunz joined gunz 2007

Joined Private Servers: I know private server gunz about 11.2007

What can you do for the server:Im very good at forumotion and i am learning blender and photoshop, im a great gm ( i take no crap, such as racism, extremly offensive language and anything else that can hurt our community) but im also a fun person and easy to get along with.

Why should you be hired: Im hard working, active (most people will tell you that im always online) and love to help a server grow. Im also an easy going person and i get along with alot of people, as long as they are worth getting along with.

Language Spoken:English,Finland and Vietnam

Other:Um all of the above. You wont regret it. I will be on the forums, greeting new players and helping everyone that needs to be helped. I will manage the GM'S in a professional manor and treat everyone with the upmost respect and treat everyone fairly, but only if they deserve it.

Check my apply Wink

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