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nathan4rock's GM application Empty nathan4rock's GM application

Post  nathan4rock on Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:38 am

Full Name:Jonathan



Time Zone:UTC +8


Account Name:(Still downloading client)

Character Name:(Still downloading client)

Applying for:GM

Previous Expirence:None

If so Proof:

Why are you applying for this job:Because I want to help the server and to get more people and play for the server. I might also call my friends. I also want to help players.

Can you make maps,items,Ect.:No, but I can learn

If so Proof:

Joined Gunz:April 6 2008(IJJI)

Joined Private Servers:DarkGunz, HonourGunz, SMGGunz, EuroGunz, Satan's Gunz, Viral Gunz, Evil Gunz, Generation Gunz, SkyGunz.

What can you do for the server:Help players and serve them for their enjoyment. Refer this server to many people

Why should you be hired:Because I am a helpful person and I can contribute greatly to the server

Language Spoken:English and Tagalog.

Other: I am a happy and a helpful person. Like I say, I can call more people here in SugarGunZ because I am a moderator in one of a Vbulletin forum. I like playing GunZ and socializing to other people. I want to serve them to their satisfaction.

Very Happy


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