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Post  Idyllic on Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:59 am

Full Name: Nathalie Beek

Age: 16


Time Zone: GMT +1

Location: Holland

Account Name: None I'm joining very soon.

Character Name: None I'm joining very soon.

Applying for: A Gm / Admin position.

Previous Expirence: I was GM at virtualgamers gunz

If so Proof: I formated my pc i don't have proof

Why are you applying for this job: Im want to help people because the most admins ignore normal people in game.

Can you make maps,items,Ect.: No, I Can Reskin.

If so Proof: I formated my pc so i can't i can send some pictures later.

Joined Gunz:

Joined Private Servers: EuroGunz, TrinityGunz, VirtualgamersGunz, SkygamerzGunz

What can you do for the server : Make DLL's

Why should you be hired: Im very helpfull i can't wait to help the players <3.

Language Spoken: Dutch , English , and abit France and Deutch

Other: I really cannot wait to help people in game and on the forums if they need help. And im very active Very Happy.


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