KillThatNoob's Application for GameMaster / Moderate

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KillThatNoob's Application for GameMaster / Moderate Empty KillThatNoob's Application for GameMaster / Moderate

Post  KillThatNoob on Sat May 30, 2009 10:50 am

Full Name: Peter Trong Tran

Age: 12 (Bit Young huh?)


Time Zone: PST (8:00)

Location: Canada , British Columbia , Vancouver

Account Name: KillThatNoob

Character Name: KillThatNoob

Applying for: Game Master

Previous Expirence: I have had no previous Expierences but I am willing to work hard.

If so Proof: None

Why are you applying for this job: I am applying because I have had no previous expierences, So I'd like to atleast have one Expirence

Can you make maps,items,Ect.: No unfortuanately
If so Proof: None

Joined Gunz: I joined this server just few days ago.

Joined Private Servers: FreeStyle Gunz , BloodyGunz

What can you do for the server: I can help out other players with their minor or big problems.

Why should you be hired: The reason I should be hired is so that I may get atleast one Expirence as a Game Master before I quit GunZ entirerly.

Language Spoken: English (Duh) , Little French , Mandrian , Cantonese , Vietnamese(Buck)

Other: Um I'd be really great full if I was chosen as a GameMaster or a Trial GameMaster (
That is all.


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